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Setting Industry Standards of Excellence and Leadership

CCSI achieves industry excellence by:

  • Employing credentialed people and creating and managing a positive work environment in an industry that is rife with criticism.
  • Being cost conscious in every aspect of our business. Controlling our costs allows us to offer fair and reasonable pricing to our customers.
  • Providing “value added” components to our claims operation. For example: Preferred Provider Organizations; Bill Review; Registered Nurses; Litigation management; Proprietary software available 24/7; multiple user capability with no usage fees charged; and a Medicare Service division.
  • Improving our efficiencies in claims management through a constant and ongoing quality control and assurance program.

Each client has its own unique culture and distinct claims philosophy; we work within that culture to ensure that the philosophy is protected and represented. Regardless of size or stature, each client is treated with the same regard and receives the same standards of excellence.


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